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Poster: matchstickstatue Date: May 1, 2012 10:10am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Рабочие Мира Объединяются!

The throngs of red flags remind me of the day I accidentally attended a May day rally in Kathmandu - the first after the Maoist electoral victories (was wandering along, forgot what day it was after days of travel, and just happened to end up in front of it). Thousands of supporters of all ages and backgrounds, all draped in red, and thrilling sight to behold. Walked in front of the slow moving parade for a while, until I found myself standing between the peaceful demo and trenches dug in the street from which the Royal Nepalese Army (loyal to the not-yet deposed King) aimed various rifles at us. At that point, coward that I am, I hopped a cab back to the confines of the hotel, but I never forgot the state violence that always haunts most expressions of worker solidarity, and the bravery of those that resist it.

Hopefully it'll stay a day of workers' rights, and never be popularly understood as 'loyalty day':

Amazing the effort that goes into trying to replace one flag with another.